Continuing the fidelity measures of ACTT – Experience from Ontario and New York

View the January 2022,  presentation by John Maher of OAAF , and Dr. Helle Thorning and Luis Lopez from the New York ACT Institute  describing their experience with building and maintaining fidelity for ACT teams to provide effective care.

….Webinar recording: The role of fidelity in Assertive Community Treatment: Better fidelity means better outcomes

This webinar provides an overview of what the decades of experience with Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) fidelity assessments have taught us about the value and necessity of continuing fidelity support for ACT teams both new and old. The presenters discuss evolving assessment tools and protocols that support high fidelity teams as they operate in accordance with the Ontario provincial operational standards.

See the Webinar here:

Note: the event was presented by the Fidelity Monitoring in Ontario Community of Interest in collaboration with Evidence Exchange Network (EENet)